Wednesday, August 18, 2021

New Vampire Killing Kits by the Co-author of How To Kill Vampires


Vampire Killing Kit
Original Vampire Killing Kit

CRYSTOBAL, the gothic artist who created the first primitive-style Vampire Killing Kits decades ago, has just built three new kits for the Halloween season. 

CRYSTOBAL and I collaborated a few years ago on the book, "How to Kill Vampires because they are unnatural jerks". That book is available through my website, Stardust Mysteries.

These new, highly detailed Vampire Slayer Kits are unique pieces of art, created by hand by the most copied artist of Vampire Killing Kits. CRYSTOBAL asked me to point out that he is, in fact, pretty bitter about lesser "artists" stealing his designs and reproducing them, poorly...but knows that real collectors know the difference. That's why every kit that CRYSTOBAL has built has sold at premium prices, all over the world.

vampire killing kit Crystobal
Vampire Killing Kit "Dianella"


These three Vampire Killing Kits come in three sizes from small to large, and include the Holy Bible, cross-stakes, holy water, and other weapons and tools for disposing of the creatures of the night.

Check out the article on for more information. Soon to be up for sale on etsy. 

Antique Vampire Killing Kits
Antique Style Vampire Killing Kits