Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Murder Behind the Closet Door by Christopher Pinto now available!

Murder Behind the Closet Door written by Christopher Pinto now available in paperback!

Where Mystery Transcends Reality

Authored by Christopher Pinto

A dilapidated house with an evil secret in the basement. An auto-wrecking yard with the devious, rusted remains of a murderer's getaway car. An unsolved bank robbery with hundreds of thousands of dollars never found. A detective trying to solve an age old murder before his ticker runs out. A slow, agonizing death for an unfortunate victim and his soul reaching from beyond...

"Murder Behind The Closet Door" is a murder murder mystery ghost story that keeps you engaged and guessing from the first paragraph. Creepy, riveting, this story reveals another existence, one just beyond our own, where the occult and the paranormal meet reality and everyday people find themselves swept into very extraordinary circumstances.

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